The lawyers at VÍK Law Firm have a lot of experience in litigation, both before Icelandic courts aswell as the EFTA court and the European Court of Justice.

Anna Tómasdóttir


Anna Tómasdóttir graduated with a Mag. jur. degree from the University of Iceland in spring 2011. Anna studied as an exchange student at Stockholm University in 2010.

Alongside her studies, Anna worked as a paralegal for LazyTown Entertainment. After finishing her studies in 2011 Anna was associate counsel at LazyTown and an associate at VÍK Law Firm. Mid-year 2012 she took on a full-time job as an associate at VÍK Law Firm.

Anna‘s main areas of practice concern intellectual property rights, such as licensing agreements, agreements in connection with film and television production, record and publishing agreements, as well as other agreements in this field. She has also been engaged in copyright infringement cases and dispute resolution.